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Beijing | Preparations | Climate

2016-11-10 Beijing | Preparations | Climate

Beijing's climate varies markedly from season to season, and our relocation guide prepares new expats to the city for what they can expect


Beijing | Preparations | Cityscape

2016-11-10 Beijing | Preparations | Cityscape

Our relocation guide helps expats new to Beijing to orientate and to understand the city's layout


Beijing | Preparations | Geography

2016-11-10 Beijing | Preparations | Geography

Our Beijing relocation guide gives new expats to the city an ubdelstanding of the geography and layout of the capital


Beijing | Preparations | Language

2016-11-09 Beijing | Preparations | Language

For many expats moving to Beijing, language is a major concern. Our relocation provides some basic information on Mandarin as it's spoken in Beijing, and where expats can go to make a start on learning the language


Beijing | Preparations | People and Population

2016-11-09 Beijing | Preparations | People and Population

Learn more about the people and population of Beijing in our relocation guide


Beijing | Preparations | History

2016-11-09 Beijing | Preparations | History

Our Beijing relocation guide helps expats new to the city to gain an insight into Beijing's long, complex and fascinating history

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