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Beijing | Preparations | Police and Crime

2016-11-11 Beijing | Preparations | Police and Crime

Our relocation guide help expats moving to Beijing to understand more about crime in the city and what you can expect from the police, including the emergency services telephone number


Beijing | Preparations | Climate

2016-11-10 Beijing | Preparations | Climate

Beijing's climate varies markedly from season to season, and our relocation guide prepares new expats to the city for what they can expect


Beijing | Preparations | Cityscape

2016-11-10 Beijing | Preparations | Cityscape

Our relocation guide helps expats new to Beijing to orientate and to understand the city's layout


Beijing | Preparations | Geography

2016-11-10 Beijing | Preparations | Geography

Our Beijing relocation guide gives new expats to the city an ubdelstanding of the geography and layout of the capital


Beijing | Preparations | Language

2016-11-09 Beijing | Preparations | Language

For many expats moving to Beijing, language is a major concern. Our relocation provides some basic information on Mandarin as it's spoken in Beijing, and where expats can go to make a start on learning the language


Beijing | Preparations | People and Population

2016-11-09 Beijing | Preparations | People and Population

Learn more about the people and population of Beijing in our relocation guide

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