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Beijing Yosemite 优山美地
Beijing Yosemite 优山美地
Beijing Yosemite 优山美地
Beijing Yosemite 优山美地
Beijing Yosemite 优山美地
Beijing Yosemite 优山美地
Beijing Yosemite 优山美地
Beijing Yosemite 优山美地
Beijing Yosemite 优山美地
Beijing Yosemite 优山美地
Beijing Yosemite 优山美地
Beijing Yosemite 优山美地

Beijing Yosemite

¥ 16,000-100,000/month Enquiry now

Featured Description

Beijing Yosemite is a popular expat compound located along the Wenyu River and covering an area of 59,000sqm. There are more than 200 detached houses in American, Spanish and Chinese style architecture across three zones, A, B and C. The properties range from a 358sqm 4 bedroom layout to a 970sqm 7 bedroom layout. Yosemite is very green constituting around half of the compound with feng shui landscaping, barbecuing area, jogging trails and a lake to enjoy those summer days. The properties are built to a high quality and have open kitchens, high ceilings and bright rooms.

Located near Beijing-Chengding Expressway and the northern airport line, Yosemite provides its residents with easy and rapid access to key areas throughout Beijing. Golden Riverside Golf Course, Moon River Bay Equestrian Club, United Family Hospital, Continental Plaza are all conveniently located nearby.

Chinese architectural detailing and symbolism are scattered through the area’s total design. The villas make use of Qin brick, Han tile, Tang wood, and Song stone. Ming and Qing dynastic design concepts from China’s architectural époque contrast beautifully with contemporary embellishments, bringing a sense of vitality and elegance.

Each inch of space was carefully and deliberately designed by skilled landscaping artists. A deliberate mélange of vegetation and landscaping capture the natural harmony between man and nature. The layout of the courtyard evokes the sense of traditional Chinese “deep courtyard” symbolism and flow.

Features & Facilities

  • 24-hour Management
  • Satellite TV
  • Swimming Pool
  • Indoor Swimming Pool
  • Gym
  • Sauna
  • SPA
  • Coffee Shop


LAYOUT: 2 Bedrooms
SIZE: 116-160 sqm
ASKING RENT: ¥16,000-18,000
LAYOUT: 3 Bedrooms
SIZE: 166-230 sqm
ASKING RENT: ¥20,000-26,000
LAYOUT: 4 Bedrooms
SIZE: 230-596 sqm
ASKING RENT: ¥28,000-65,000
LAYOUT: 5 Bedrooms
SIZE: 389-720 sqm
ASKING RENT: ¥45,000-75,000
LAYOUT: 6 Bedrooms
SIZE: 600-600 sqm
ASKING RENT: ¥80,000-80,000
LAYOUT: 7 Bedrooms
SIZE: 600-600 sqm
ASKING RENT: ¥100,000-100,000


Yosemite is situated along the banks of the Wenyu River by the Jingshun road, and the Yanglin exit of the Airport Expressway giving it easy access to both the International Airport and downtown Beijing. It is near to both the Beijing American School and the International School of Beijing (ISB) and close to the pinnacle plaza and Euro Village where residents can find a large range of shops, supermarkets and restaurants.



To Schools and Airport (Km)
Capital International Airport
To place of interest (Km)
Solana Bar Street
Qianmen Street
Disclaimer: The property information and pictures are only for your reference. The availability of all properties shown on website must be verified with the landlord, due to the rate of market turnover is very high.
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