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Our professional quality represents the highest professional levels Beijing real estate industry has to offer

According to your requirements and requests we will try to find the most suitable housing per your profile. Our professional bilingual consultants will be there at every step once you view the housing and to convey your requests to the landlord, acting as your personal translator during the visits. Our consultants average 7-8 years experience, who are veterans of the industry, thus they are able to negotiate better terms once you have set your eyes on a house you like. We have been serving corporate international assignees and individuals, so we are very knowledgeable about many aspects that you may prefer, all you have to do is state your requirements.

You are welcome to visit our Beijing-located offices anytime

Our offices is located in Tower B, Wangxin Mansion, No.28 Xiaoyun Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing.If you or your company has any business that requires a face-to-face meeting, feel free to come to our company at any time for a consultation.


All encompassing service

Our team will listen to the customers’ requirements and will provide related services and information, all to save time and costs, to ensure you have the best possible experience during your search.

Extensive experience

Years and years of experience have taught us that service, communication, transparent information, and efficient delivery are the most important aspects for our customers and for the landlords.

Advanced management tools

With our advanced management tools and technological support, our team can easily access thousands of property listing in real-time to provide you with the most appropriate listing as according to your requirements.

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