Meet our Expat CRM team

Claudia Haak

4 years in China, 2.5 years in Beijing

Della is in charge of our Beijing operations of Maxview. Della has been a part of Maxview Beijing since its very beginning and has since then build a team who are able to tackle any and all situations.

Iris Pinilla

9 years in Beijing

Having worked in the industry for over 10 years, David is in charge of Maxview Guangdong. David handles all the day-to-day operations, inquiries and tasks and makes sure it is completed to satisfaction.

Mike Chang

11 years in Shanghai

Ginger has worked tirelessly to bring our operations out to Suzhou and the surrounding areas. With years of experience under her belt, Ginger and her team have been providing top-notch service to the industry in the past years.

Our city orientations are conducted by our very own expatriates to provide intimate and informative 1-on-1 sessions, which we call the expat-to-expat experience. Our expats will in this tour share and passing down years of their own hard-earned experiences and knowledge of the city to you. These tours are customizable, simply share with us which particular areas of interest are important to you and we will strive to add them to the tour.

A usual tour will encompass the following services

The orientation tour generally happens after you have a general idea of where you will live - the neighborhood orientation thus will prepare you to find everything you need after you move into your new housing. This part of the orientation will entail all the nearby facilities and amenities such as the nearby expat supermarket, wet market, recreation options, café and restaurants, shopping and many more. If you let us know of special interest areas beforehand as well, then we will try to show you the nearest one to your home as well.

A big part of any move and concern for families are the continuing education of their children. Fortunately Beijing has some of the best International Schools in China. Our consultants are all very well versed and connected to all the major international and bilingual schools in Beijing and are able to help you list and narrow down the schools that fit your requirements, and then accompany you to a shortlist of schools you choose. Assistance will include listing the schools, comparison of the schools, accompanied visitation, enrollment and registration to the school.

Another important factor, especially in an emergency, is the location and services of International Hospitals. Again Beijing has an abundance of international medical facilities operating at international standards, located in or near most international residential areas. Our consultants will accompany you to the nearest clinic and hospital and give you an overview of all the services and doctors available there. Furthermore they will give you a rundown on how to get there, especially when there is an emergency, such as calling and using an ambulance.

Another core step in the orientation tour is the registration and opening of your SIM Card, followed by your bank account. It is in that order, because the opening of a bank account requires a valid mobile phone number as one of its requirements. Many of the clerks on the counters have limited English abilities; therefore our bilingual consultants will be able to smoothly guide you to the most suitable mobile phone plans for your needs and choose which banks are closest or most suitable for you based on distance from home and work and your company’s preferences. Additionally if required, our consultants can also help you obtain subway cards and or other memberships.

One of the highlight of our tour is the settle-in part, where we hope to show you tip and tricks, helpful advice and even areas that might help you get acclimated to your new home-away-from-home faster. Over the years we have found that an extensive long acclimatization has a negative impact on the relocation, therefore our aim in this part of the tour is to make you comfortable as soon as possible in your new environment. This includes general do and don’ts, cultural difference tips, safety and security advice and many more. Additionally we will impart you with helpful info on how to use mobile apps to the fullest – from Wechat, Alipay and Taobao, to using your phone to order deliveries, pay, order taxis, subway and many more.

Only you know what you need and require. Will you require a driver, a nanny or a personal trainer? Do you particularly love to draw and require an art supply shop? Your child requires violin lessons? Simply let us know before and we will be able to arrange this during the orientation tour as well.

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