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City Orientation


Before potential expatriates accept an assignment offer by the company, the company may offer them and their spouse a trip to the potential destination to help in their decision. If they are authorized to select housing on this trip, a Maxview orientation representative provides a city orientation program including:


  •   Area tour/city orientation
  •   Expatriate-accompanied visit to view home options
  •   Information on activities for children
  •   Information on foreign social organizations, spouse activities
  •   Information on/visits to health care facilities
  •   Information on sports facilities


Specifically, we'll assist expats with school inspection and selection, including:

  •   Differences between public and private schools
  •   Availability for the upcoming semester/year
  •   Availability of private schools and process for application, interview and acceptance
  •   Interviews, accompanied when appropriate
  •   School brochures and application forms, assistance in application completion
  •   Required vaccination and certifications
  •    Registration (during setting-in period)


Not only that, we'll help expats become familiar with the city and conduct an introduction to:

  •    Schools
  •    Supermarkets
  •    Shopping
  •    Governmental agencies
  •    Pharmacies
  •    Doctors/dentists
  •    Cleaners
  •    Post office
  •    Banks
  •    Libraries
  •    Telephones
  •    Public transport
  •    Major roads
  •    Recreation
  •    Furniture rental/purchase
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