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Adrain Zecha, founder of Aman Hotels, signed an official resource partnership with Hoson to create a new lifestyle brand -MAHA. In 2019, the MAHA brand officially settled in No. 8 Xiaoyun Road, and gave a loud name - Mananhe Beijing. 400,000 private gardens, the greening rate of up to 87%, every step is scenery. Large double hall design, 64 square independent meeting room, 270 degree panoramic picture window, whether the reception or friends are full of face, incomparable The master bedroom has a large area and a double cloakroom to meet the needs of the owner Primary trimester separation Armored door, single ladder and single home, to ensure privacy and personal safety

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Located in the Yansha Business District and the Third Embassy Zone, it connects to the Capital Airport Expressway and quickly connects to the core ring road of the third and fourth ring roads of Beijing; Metro Line 10, Airport Express. The main ring road, subways, expressways, and side roads have become a five-dimensional transportation network. It is adjacent to the United States Overseas Grand Class A diplomatic Zone and the 13 ambassadors of the Third Diplomatic Zone. Here gathered Kempinski Hotel, Hilton Hotel, Kunlun Hotel, Yansha Friendship Mall, Century Theater and other famous places; International schools such as the Canadian School, the German Embassy School, the Japanese school, etc., are all 2 km away by car, and have become unique supporting facilities of Mananhe Beijing.



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