How is Maxview Different?


We Do Our Homework


We check all homes in advance and with our due diligence we'll weed out properties with hidden risks or a bad record, ensuring expats are safe and secure in their new home and reducing worries for you and your company.


We Listen


Because we take the time to learn what you're looking for, the home search itself is quicker and easier, giving you time to do the things that matter to you.


We Satisfy


Our passion is not only in finding the right home for you, but in making our customers feel at home in Shanghai. We're here to make the transition as smooth and worry-free as possible, saving you from headaches further down the road.


We Go The Extra Mile


Our service doesn't end after moving in. We'll be there 24/7 to answer questions and give advice to help expats get settled in Shanghai. We'll even time the commute to make sure they're not wasting time stuck in traffic.

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