over 5 bedrooms Beijing Courtyards for rent in CBD area with size of 150-200sqm between 30,000RMB to 40,000RMB per month

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¥ 40,000/month, 200sqm, 5brs
Dongcheng Coutyard
The property comprises a spacious living room, well equipped contemporary kitchen,bedrooms,and bathrooms. High quality interior decoration. Please feel free to contact our consultant....

Dongcheng Coutyard

¥ 40,000/month
  • Size: 200 sqm
  • Bedrooms: 5 brs
  • Bathrooms: 2 baths
  • Area: CBD
  • Property ID: ZB001650
  • Property type: Court yard

Court Yards:

Siheyuan, also known as court yard, is a unique feature of Beijing. It features a continuation of China's house history, which is well preserved in shape, and is also integrated with the high quality of modern decoration design requirements.Choose this room , feel the smell of old irrespective of distance, also not far from the city center.Turn left you can meet a uncle Making clay figurine, turn right you will enter the modern shopping malls.If you have a large family and choose to live in the city center, the courtyard is your best place to live in beijing.
If you want to feel the new culture room type combining the Chinese and western, don't hesitate,look at the house source we recommend. There must be some suitable you.

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