Phoenix Town | 凤凰城 1bedroom 83sqm ¥15,000 SYQ21989
Phoenix Town | 凤凰城 1bedroom 83sqm ¥15,000 SYQ21989
Phoenix Town | 凤凰城 1bedroom 83sqm ¥15,000 SYQ21989
Phoenix Town | 凤凰城 1bedroom 83sqm ¥15,000 SYQ21989

Phoenix Town

¥ 15,000/month
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Graceful 1 brs 83 sqm rent apartment in Beijing

Featured Description

The property is in need of completion and currently comprises generous reception room, kitchen, dining room, master bedroom, two additional bedrooms, and space for the inclusion of bathrooms. Please feel free to contact our consultant.


  • Fully furnished
  • Central air-conditioning
  • Air-conditioning
  • Double glazing
  • Water treatment system
  • Oven
  • Tableware sets
  • Satellite TV
  • Internet
  • Wi-Fi



Phoenix Town is located to the northeast of the 3rd Ring Road near the Sanyuan Bridge and the Airport Expressway, giving you easy access to many of Beijing’s main destinations and places of interest including the international Airport. It is also near to a major embassy district and to the popular expat area of Lufthansa which contains a large range of restaurants, shopping malls, supermarkets, health centers and international schools

  • School: Chaoyang school (364 meters), north of the affiliated high school of tsinghua university of Alabama China representative office (30 meters), Beijing chaoyang district shuguang primary school (358 meters), the French international college of art (Beijing branch) (818 meters), chaoyang normal school affiliated elementary school (1199 meters), the Beijing vocational college of electronic science and technology (1131 meters)

  • Shopping mall:Phoenix shopping center (429 meters), store department (both stores) (957 meters), such as the world shopping center (990 meters), remit the heavens and the earth (1565 meters), Lufthansa friendship MALL shopping center (light shop maqiao) (1730 meters), cade MALL store (sun palace) (1105 meters)

  • Hospital:Coal general hospital(1442 meters), the Beijing military area command of the Chinese people's liberation army general hospital (2671 meters), Beijing embellish hospital (1374 meters), the sun palace (1630 meters), the armed police corps hospital in Beijing (3049 meters), Beijing armed police corps hospital (endocrinologist) (3016 meters)

  • Bank:24-hour self-service bank of bank of communications (127 meters), China citic bank (sanyuanqiao branch electricity collecting points) 24 hours (174 meters), China construction bank self-service bank (Beijing jing zhuang branch) (185 meters), China construction bank (jing zhuang branch) (188 meters), the bank of China (sanyuanqiao branch) (198 meters), China citic bank 24-hour self-service banking (sanyuanqiao branch) (198 meters)

  • Food:Love the four seasons (72 meters), pepper the sichuan workshop (100 meters), month island coffee shop international (107 meters), sea of clouds in yunnan food (sanyuanqiao phoenix hui store) (429 meters), love's treasure (dawn) m (464 ft), of China (Beijing sanyuanqiao shop) (425 meters)

  • Entertainment:Kang Zhitang Chinese medicine hall (33 meters), phoenix board games (144 meters), barley entertainment (2996 meters), 5 e entertainment (such as the world shop) (1037 meters), sprcoffee (202 meters), svejk billiards recreation (1009 meters)

Compound Featured Description

Located near Beijing Sanyuan Bridge, Phoenix City is considered to be China Resources Co., Ltd.’s flagship residential development project. The venture merges international design concepts with global operating standards. The entire enterprise encompasses a floor space of about 250,000 sqm. The area under development reaches nearly 700,000 sqm, with about 200,000 sqm allocated to public buildings and another 400,000 allocated to apartment building complexes. The space includes an internatio... more

Features & Facilities

  • 24-hour Management
  • Satellite TV
  • Table Tennis
  • Swimming Pool
  • Gym
  • Sauna



To Schools and Airport (Km)
Capital International Airport
To place of interest (Km)
Solana Bar Street
Qianmen Street
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