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Maxview Realty provides multinational companies and individual expats with a full range of consultation and application services for visas, certificates and permits necessary for living and working in China (services only available for clients who use Maxview residential leasing services).


Chinese Visa Types
A Chinese visa allows you to enter, exit and travel through Chinese territory. The Chinese visa authorities may issue a diplomatic, courtesy, service or ordinary visa to a foreigner according to his identity, purpose of visit to China and passport type. Common visa types include:
  • Visa X - For study who want to study in China, or practice as interns for more than 6 months.
  • Visa F - To visit, teach, do business, or for cultural, scientific or technological exchanges for less than 6 months.
  • Visa L - For travel, visiting friends and relatives or to deal with some private matters. A group visa can be obtained if more than 9 people come together for travel.


Converting a Visa
A L visa or a F visa can be upgraded to a Z work visa under some circumstances, mainly for those who come to Beijing taking high-ranking job titles, e.g. Rep office chief representative, professors, or vice general manager with their name on the employer's business license of foreign-invested companies.


Getting a Business (F) Visa in Beijing
If you enter China on a business (F) or a tourist (L) visa and want to stay longer or want to re-enter China for business reasons in the future, we can help you get a new F visa according to your needs. You can apply for a zero-entry, single-entry, double-entry or multiple-entry visa with validity for as long as 1 year.

  • Entry number refers to the number of times you can enter China during the visa period. We recommend you choose at least one entry in case you have to return home in an emergency.


Applying for Residency
After arriving in Beijing, you will need to convert your current visa to a residence permit (valid for 1 year). The residence permit validity depends on work permit, so it's strictly in line with the validity of the employment contract.


Health Certificate:
To apply for the work permit card, you first need to have a health check. The exam includes blood tests for STD's, chest X-rays, a sonogram, vision test, and general health queries. Within a week of the exam you can receive your results.


Work Permit (Red Book):
You will need the following items to get your work permit:


Residence Permit Card (Attached to passport):
Finally, you'll need the following items to obtain this Permit: (Once you move into a local apartment, you have to register at the nearest police station. This registration form will be submitted when applying for a residence permit card.)
If you work in a company with registered capital of under 3 million US dollars, an extra application procedure should be undertaken before entering China.


Employment License and Z visa Notification Letter:

You will send these documents to your HR in Beijing as below:
Z visa application: You may take these documents to apply for Z visa in a Chinese Embassy / Consulate in your home country as follows: You should enter Beijing with Z visa; otherwise you are not allowed to apply for work permit afterwards.


You should enter China with Z visa, otherwise you are not allowed to apply for work permit after arrival in China



Step 1 Authorization from HR or individual expat
Contact expat within 24 hours to introduce Maxview Realty and next steps
Arrange medical check according to expat’s schedule (to be arranged 1-2 weeks in advance)
Application for residence license registration paper (pink paper)
2-3 days
Step 2 Prepare and send required documents for work permit.
Medical report returned
5-7 days
Step 3 Required documents:
  • 2 application forms for work permit (with company seal)
  • Passport and visa (original and copy)
  • Three 2-inch photographs (in color)
  • Medical check report (original and copy)
  • Copy of labor contract in Chinese with corporate seal
  • Resume in Chinese with corporate seal (inc. highest education and working experience)
  • Credentials/qualifications required for job performance (reference letters or diplomas)
5 working days
(+ 1 day for delivery)
Step 4 Required documents:
  • Application form
  • Passport and visa (original and copy)
  • Medical check report (original and copy)
  • Work permit (original and copy)
  • Residence registration paper (pink paper)
  • Three 2-inch photographs (in color)
  • Letter of application from company with corporate seal
  • For family applications: marriage or birth certificate in Chinese with corporate seal

Note: For first time application, applicants (over 16 years old) must be present in person.
5-10 working days
(+ 1 day for delivery)
Total time   19-27 working days
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