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Kelyn Mansion 麒麟公馆
Kelyn Mansion 麒麟公馆
Kelyn Mansion 麒麟公馆
Kelyn Mansion 麒麟公馆

Kelyn Mansion

¥ 12,000-34,000/month
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Featured Description

Kelyn Mansion has a total construction area of 340,000sqm and contains high quality apartments that range from a 70sqm 1 bedroom apartment to a 140sqm 2 bedroom layout. The building is built to be as environmentally friendly as possible, and the apartments are built to be spacious, bright and elegant as well as blocking the outside sounds off to make the living environment as peaceful as possible.

Features & Facilities

  • 24-hour Management & Secunity Service
  • Satellite TV
  • Coffee Shop


LAYOUT: 1 Bedroom
SIZE: 61-96 sqm
ASKING RENT: ¥12,000-23,000
LAYOUT: 2 Bedrooms
SIZE: 88-140 sqm
ASKING RENT: ¥14,000-30,000
LAYOUT: 3 Bedrooms
SIZE: 140-150 sqm
ASKING RENT: ¥15,000-34,000


Kelyn Mansion is 100m from the 2nd Ring Road and close to the 3rd Ring Road giving it easy access to the International Airport as well as many of Beijing’s places of interest. It is near to the Chang’an Avenue as well as the transportation hub of Dongzhimen which gives you easy access to subway line 2, 13 and the Airport expressway. It is to the west of the CBD area where you can find a range of restaurants, shops, supermarkets, cafes etc.



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