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H.Q.Ritz covers an area of 80,400,000 square meters with the gross area of 4,442,700,000 square meters. It is a 17-floor tower with 396 units. The area of apartments varies from 62sqms to 120sqms with the height of 4.9 meters. The hotel adopts the central air conditioning system and can offer more than 600 parking spaces. It is a quality business hotel under the 8th floor with a hall covering about 3000sqms on the first floor. The gate of the hall high 8.2 meters and the welcome lane is magnificent. One can find excellent services and facilities like part time service, Italian restaurant, coffee shop, European cafeteria, spa, gym etc.



Disclaimer: The property information and pictures are only for your reference. The availability of all properties shown on website must be verified with the landlord, due to the rate of market turnover is very high.
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