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China Central Place | 华贸中心  3bedroom 150sqm ¥16,500 BJ0000864
China Central Place | 华贸中心  3bedroom 150sqm ¥16,500 BJ0000864
China Central Place | 华贸中心  3bedroom 150sqm ¥16,500 BJ0000864
China Central Place | 华贸中心  3bedroom 150sqm ¥16,500 BJ0000864
China Central Place | 华贸中心  3bedroom 150sqm ¥16,500 BJ0000864
China Central Place | 华贸中心  3bedroom 150sqm ¥16,500 BJ0000864

China Central Place

¥ 16,500/month
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Aweson 3 brs 150 sqm apartment Beijing rent

Featured Description

Offering stunning living space and beautifully presented throughout, this bedroomed house offers spacious accommodation combined with stylish contemporary décor and a highly sought-after location. Please feel free to contact our consultant.


  • Double glazing
  • Water treatment system
  • Oven
  • Tableware sets
  • Satellite TV
  • Internet
  • Wi-Fi


China Central Place is located 900meters east of Chan’an Avenue and Guomao intersection. It is close to both subway line 1 and 10 and next to large Shinkong shopping mall and the thriving CBD area where you can find an array of international schools, restaurants, shops, banks and medical centers.

Compound Featured Description

China Central Place has a gross construction area of 1 million square meters, and a total land area of 390,000 square meters. The compound contains 9 apartment buildings, 6 grade-A office buildings, 2 luxury hotels (Ritz Carlton and JW Marriot) a themed park and a shopping mall. The apartments range from a 65sqm 1 bedroom apartment to a 218sqm 3 bedroom apartment.... more

Features & Facilities

  • 24-hour Management & Secunity Service
  • Satellite TV
  • Coffee Shop



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