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Capital Paradise 名都园
Capital Paradise 名都园
Capital Paradise 名都园
Capital Paradise 名都园
Capital Paradise 名都园
Capital Paradise 名都园
Capital Paradise 名都园

Capital Paradise

¥ 15,000-35,000/month
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Featured Description

Capital Paradise is divided into 4 phases covering an area of 365,000sqm and consisting of over a thousand villas, apartments and townhouses that range from a 159sqm 3 bedroom layout to a 229sqm 4 bedroom layout. The villas can be semi-detached and detached with some containing basements; the décor varies depending on the landlord. The compound has a large green area and is a favorite amongst foreigners due to its high quality and location to some of Beijing’s main international schools.

Features & Facilities

  • 24-hour Management & Secunity Service
  • Satellite TV
  • Tennis Court
  • Squash
  • Bowling
  • Swimming Pool
  • Gym
  • Sauna
  • SPA
  • Salon


LAYOUT: 2 Bedrooms
SIZE: 159-159 sqm
ASKING RENT: ¥18,000-18,000
LAYOUT: 3 Bedrooms
SIZE: 145-210 sqm
ASKING RENT: ¥15,000-22,000
LAYOUT: 4 Bedrooms
SIZE: 153-600 sqm
ASKING RENT: ¥18,000-35,000
LAYOUT: 5 Bedrooms
SIZE: 300-300 sqm
ASKING RENT: ¥35,000-35,000
LAYOUT: 6 Bedrooms
SIZE: 315-315 sqm
ASKING RENT: ¥35,000-35,000


Capital Paradise is situated alongside the banks of the Wenyu River in the Shunyi district, near to the new international exhibition center in the central villa area. It is near to the Airport Expressway giving you easy access to both the Airport and to Central Beijing.



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