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Ascott Raffles | 雅诗阁来福士  1bedroom 80sqm ¥27,000 BJ0000370
Ascott Raffles | 雅诗阁来福士  1bedroom 80sqm ¥27,000 BJ0000370
Ascott Raffles | 雅诗阁来福士  1bedroom 80sqm ¥27,000 BJ0000370
Ascott Raffles | 雅诗阁来福士  1bedroom 80sqm ¥27,000 BJ0000370
Ascott Raffles | 雅诗阁来福士  1bedroom 80sqm ¥27,000 BJ0000370
Ascott Raffles | 雅诗阁来福士  1bedroom 80sqm ¥27,000 BJ0000370

Ascott Raffles

¥ 27,000/month
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Aweson 1 brs 80 sqm Beijing rental

Featured Description

Boasting bright, capacious rooms and fresh, elegant interiors. Please feel free to contact our consultant.


  • Fully furnished
  • Central air-conditioning
  • Air-conditioning
  • Double glazing
  • Water treatment system
  • Oven
  • Tableware sets
  • Satellite TV
  • Internet
  • Wi-Fi


Ascott Raffles is located near to the 2nd east ring road on the transportation hub where lines 2 and the airport expressway connect giving you easy access to some of Beijing’s main places of interest like the Lama Temple, Hou Hai Lake and Beihai Park as well as the international Airport. It is also close to the popular CBD and Sanlitun area where you can find a large range of restaurants, shopping malls, supermarkets, and other international facilities.

Compound Featured Description

Ascott Raffles is situated just off the 2nd Ring Road near to both the Sanlitun and CBD area and the airport expressway train line. The residential towers are modern and sleek in design and the apartments are luxurious, optimizing the space to its fullest potential giving its residents a lovely home feel with a full hotel service. The apartments range from a 75sqm 1 bedroom layout to a 263sqm 3 bedroom layout. ... more

Features & Facilities

  • 24-hour Management & Secunity Service
  • Satellite TV
  • Swimming Pool
  • Gym
  • Sauna



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