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Beijing Announces Plans for Sub-Center Layout

Last Updated: Wednesday, June 27, 2018 - 13:51

Beijing Announces Plans for Sub-Center Layout

Within the Tongzhou district of Beijing, a sub-center is planned to be a top-of-the-line modern district, setting an example for other cities and districts as to what is to come in the future. The sub-center will have around 1.3 million permanent residents, about 100 square kilometers of construction land, and under 100 million square meters of building area. All of this was released in a draft plan for the layout of the urban sub-center, released online on June 21.

The sub-center is also designed to fulfill three main functions of government administration, business services, and culture and tourism. For these relocated functions of the capital, it will also house 400,000 to 500,000 people relocated from the city center for this.

The residential communities of the sub-center will be will be integrated and balanced, by relying on a well-planned network of waterways, vegetation, transportation, and facilities, that will meet the daily needs of the residents- while also staying within a walking distance. The transportation network itself will be 80% green, and will also help to cut down on vehicle use of residents in the sub-center.

In the draft plan released online, good housing conditions were guaranteed in the sub-center, by using a system that helps to balance supply and demand. There is a large emphasis on high-quality development that will include targeting eco-construction, green travel, infrastructure, livelihood, and public safety. The CPC Central Committee and the State Council mandated that the sub-center is to become “a comfortable district that is green, modernized, humanistic, and well-balanced by 2035.”
There will also be strict regulations put in place in the sub-center to protect the environment, improve air quality, and restore the water ecosystem, all while also making sure that over 20% of the energy usage is green and renewable.

The Grand Canal will be the main ecological belt of the sub-center as well as the 6th Ring Road being the central developmental axis. The per capital public green area will cover 30 square meters, with a 500-meter service radius of parks and greenbelts to cover the entire sub-center.

The plans also set up a series of regulations that will oversee the dentist, façade, and color scheme of the buildings, highlighting the historical scenery of “Three Temples and one Pagoda” in Tongzhou. The sub-center itself is expected to reflect the beauty of the Grand Canal, display the spirit of humanities and modern cities, and enhance the grandeur of the capital overall.
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