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Beijing Villas for rent in Sanlitun area

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Your search unfortunately yielded no results. Why not write us to tell us your requirements and expectations and we will do our utmost to find your desired home. Our consultants will respond to your inqury within 24 hours.


The villa usually has a large area and perfect supporting facilities, because of the large area, More rooms,usually is located in the suburbs or away from the city center, the change is a beautiful environment and clean air, if you have children to arrange the school, the good news is that schools are located in surrounding villas, such as the Beijing several international school in shunyi villa circles, less traffic time, more security between school and home, villa is often the best choice, and don't forget far away from the noise of the city is a rare gift. If you find a satisfied villa on our site, please contact us immediately and we will give you the most authentic description.

Daily Updates
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MOMA (Megahall) posted 2017-10-19
CBD Private Castle posted 2017-10-19
Mixion Residence posted 2017-10-19
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