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Upper East Side | 阳光上东  4bedroom 270sqm ¥25,000 ZB000044
Upper East Side | 阳光上东  4bedroom 270sqm ¥25,000 ZB000044
Upper East Side | 阳光上东  4bedroom 270sqm ¥25,000 ZB000044
Upper East Side | 阳光上东  4bedroom 270sqm ¥25,000 ZB000044
Upper East Side | 阳光上东  4bedroom 270sqm ¥25,000 ZB000044
Upper East Side | 阳光上东  4bedroom 270sqm ¥25,000 ZB000044
Upper East Side | 阳光上东  4bedroom 270sqm ¥25,000 ZB000044

Upper East Side

¥ 25,000/month
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Unrivalled 4 brs 270 sqm rent in Beijing

Featured Description

Boasting bright, capacious rooms and fresh, elegant interiors. Please feel free to contact our consultant.




Upper East Side is near to both the airport expressway and the 4th ring road, giving it easy access to the airport and other main destinations within Beijing. The compound over looks the picturesque Barhe river, and the area of Lido is a fast growing expat community due to its location close to the airport and to other popular areas like Lufthansa, CBD and Sanlitun giving it easy access to a vast range of facilities and amenities.

Compound Featured Description

Upper East Side has a total construction area of 720,000 square meters, and a total land area of 475,530 square meters. There are 2,483 apartments which range from an 80sqm 1 bedroom layout to a 398sqm 4+1 bedroom layout. The compound is divided into 4 phases; Phase 1 is a combination of styles with lovely gardens, phase 2 was built separately by American and Australian architectural groups, Phase 3 was built by a Spanish architectural group, and phase 4 (Andersen Garden) was built by a Danish a... more

Features & Facilities

  • 24-hour Management & Secunity Service
  • Satellite TV
  • Swimming Pool
  • Gym
  • Coffee Shop



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