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How to deal with the haze in Beijing

Last Updated: Friday, November 10, 2017 - 17:54

Beijing will enter winter seasons soon, except for the temperature drops, the most serious problem of haze comes along with it.

Compared with 2016, experts said that the PM2.5 particles in Beijing were come down by 18% in 2017, and that in accordance with historical record, the south of Beijing is still more serious than the north.


We can be seen from the diagram, the dividing line is in chaoyang district, north of the regional air quality is relatively good, at the same time, in the outer suburbs shunyi PM2.5 value is low,people living in the city, under the fog haze condition of life, is really a challenge.

So what can we do to deal with haze pollution in a polluted environment?

1.Minimize outdoor activities

In the haze weather, try to minimize outdoor activities, avoid hiking or bike travel, and prevent pollutants from direct contact with the skin or inhalation of the respiratory tract causing injury to the body.

2. Protect your body before going out

When going out, wear professional protective masks that conform to N95 standard.

At the same time, the skin of exposed areas should be cleaned immediately to reduce the damage of air pollutants to the skin.


3. Reasonable diet and balanced nutrition

Try to eat as many fresh fruits and vegetables as possible during the smoggy weather and take proper vitamins.

Studies have shown that proper supplementation of antioxidant foods can reduce the damage of PM2.5 to cardiopulmonary function.

Adequate vitamin A, C and D can enhance the immune function of the body.


4.Open Windows and ventilate the situation

When air quality is good, advocate everybody to open a window more ventilated, but in heavy fog haze, must close the door and window. Don’t smoke in the room and avoid injury to the lungs, liver and so on.

5.Select a good air purifiers

Even closing doors and Windows can't remove indoor air pollution, it is necessary to choose a truly effective air purifier to ensure indoor air cleaning.

Finally, away from the smog disaster zone is the best way, as you can see from below a piece of data statistics, chaoyang district, shunyi district, dongcheng district has low Numbers of PM2.5, choose houses in these areas, it will be better.


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